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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  October 15, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> tradition, history, culture, discover the best memories of your life. >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." i amting from washington, katty kay. a second health care worker in withs has been diagnosed ebola, and she flew on an airplane just one day before the diagnosis. boots on the ground in theory up. so far, the rebels say they do
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not have what they need to fight the islamic state. palace,he presidential and she wants to give afghan women a stronger voice. highhave achieved a respect for women and for their role in society. ♪ viewers onto our public television in america and elsewhere around the globe. today, president obama had an emergency meeting at the white house about the spread of ebola. this comes after a second nurse in alice was diagnosed with ebola. meanwhile, in west africa, they say at least 4005 hundred people have now died of ebola. john has the latest. >> another nurse that has been
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diagnosed with ebola after treating thomas duncan. on a frontier airlines plane from cleveland to dallas. now the centers for disease control is scrambling to contact the 100 32 other passengers who flew with her. how or why a health worker flew on a flight when she was under observation is a question that be will there's everyone. it atntact -- contracted the dallas presbyterian hospital while treating the dallas man who now died. they have painted a damning picture of how ill-equipped the health care workers work. >> there was no health protective gear. there were no downs to properly treat mr. duncan. there were no adequate masks and face shields to protect the nurses and other health-care workers. he was not put into an isolation room for several hours. >> president obama was meant to be campaigning in new jersey and
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connecticut today. a sure sign of the deep concern in the white house about the way this is being handled is the abrupt cancellation of the trip. >> the president is convening members of his team who have been responsible for responding to the ebola situation in this country. the president wants to do that because he wants to make sure that all of the needed resources of our federal government are being deployed to deal with this specific situation. >> the president problems pale in significance compared to the daily battle in west africa. here in sierra leone, there is theory about getting health-care workers to remove a dead body from the street. the third world country to the richest nation in the nation, it shows what a dangerous disease this is. abc news, washington.
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>> for more on the u.s. government response to this crisis, i spoke a short time ago with the former surgeon general of the united states, and he joins us from tucson, arizona. dr., what do you make of the way these ebola infections in the united states, two of them so far, have been handled? >> well, i think we had well-meaning people trying to do the best that they can't. however, because of the two cases that occurred after taking care of mr. duncan, there is evidence there was a break in protocol. protecting yourself and the disinfection that happened, we do not know, but after the first case, we were all very worried that there could be more if there were breaks in the protocols we have set up to protect the health care workers. >> there is a year -- big fear factor around the virus. the latest surrounds the fact that the nurse who has just been
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diagnosed took a flight the day before. would that concern you? >> it is very concerning, because even though she was not in isolation, she was being observed because she had come in contact with someone that had she was asymptomatic, so without any fever or pain. you just want to watch them for and see ifion period there would arise any manifestations of the disease, but we always tell the patient, do not travel, they in your own. >> she should never have gone question my >> no, never on a plane and also a train. we encourage people to stay right near their homes, and at the first feeling of any illness, they should report right away. >> dr., you were surgeon general just after the attacks of 9/11, and hospitals around the country had to put in protocols at that point to deal with any possible medical emergency.
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if the hospital had put those protocols in place, why are they so ill equipped today to deal with ebola? >> well, in fact, most hospitals in the country now have to have the emergency policies in place, because it is part of their certification process, and so as you pointed out, after 9/11, we spent a lot of time and money educating our first responders, doctors and nurses, getting personal protective equipment, and the hospital has a mandate every year to have emergency training. it does not always have to be bio, but something where they bring the teams together and work together. my sense is that over time, if people are not practicing, and we get a little complacent because we have not had a catastrophic event, these are skills that are perishable. if you make one little mistake putting on your protective gear or make one mistake in that chain, it can be fatal. we do not know where that break
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happened, but we know that dr. friedman and his team are working very diligently to find out they're a long the pathway of production that this was -- but we know n anddr. friedman --friede his team are working very out where a find long the pathway this was broken. and then are there any of the other people in that circle taking care of mr. duncan originally that were not properly protected, or they thought they were protected, but there were gaps in the way they did their protection, and those are things that i know that the cdc and dr. frieden i looking for to try to find the proper outcome. theresident obama said likelihood of an ebola outbreak in the united states is very, very low, but everything possible must be done to protect
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health-care workers. a quick look around the world, a rough day for the markets both in the u.s. and europe because of worries about the strength of the global economy. american stocks opened sharply lower, and the ftse index lost nearly 3%. and a severe snowstorm has hit a popular mountaineering area, and 12 foreigners are reported to be among those who died. nearly 40 others have been rescued along one of the most popular tracks in the nepalese himalayas. for amayor has called debate on smoking in parks and public spaces. his comments come after a report by the city health commission suggesting that preventing smoking in some open areas in london would save lives, but some say the idea is outrageous. an operation inherent resolve.
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that is the name given today to the united states-led coalition to battle the islamic state, but the name does not make a fight any easier. general john allen, the top general in charge of coordinating this, said it is essential to cooperate. the rebels say they are not getting the support they need to take on is, and we have more now from the syrian border. >> these are the men who have been hand-picked to fight islamic state in serious, here are attacking government forces. syria, here are attacking government forces. now, they are to be president obama's boots on the ground as he bows to degrade and destroy islamic state. >> together with our partners america is training and equipping this theory in opposition to be a counterweight to the terrorists of isil and
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the brutality of the assad regime. >> and they had no clue the bombing had already begun. the air campaign against islamic state is now well underway. but the ground strategy is shaky. is one of theion local groups that is being vetted. it is supposed to get the training and weapons resident obama has promised. >> it is all words. nothing has materialized yet. we have not gotten the things we have asked for. we have nothing, not even weapons. >> but islamic state has. iraq, ther success in militants are better armed and funded than ever, and they have been advancing westward across syria. the americans have been meeting
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rebel commanders here in turkey to try to hold the march of the islamic way. they have been very clear about what they want. not training but supplies and support and immediately, and they have been very angry and very about what they say is the failure of the coalition airstrikes to hold government attacks against the people. >> i wish they would not say some of the things they have been saying publicly. i understand their frustration. sure, isis is there an any, and they want to crush them, but they see the biggest enemy is a thought, at least as of yet, there has not been a lot of key mutation between our airstrikes and where they are on the ground, so it is not really a situation where they are at inc. as forward controllers. our almost as surprised as isis is. coalition the strikes, people are angry because they want government forces to be targeted also and because of reports of civilian
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deaths. america denies this, but what matters is helping on the ground. roomof a secret operations that was won by the rebel groups and opposition. >> our support will be seriously damaged if the west does not support the revolution. people are against these airstrikes. we have protests. tomorrow, they might attack us, because they think we are working with the west. >> while the world focuses on islamic state, syria's civil war goes on. this was a few days ago, during an attack. many hoped the coalition would ease their suffering. it has not yet, and it may not, and it could alienate the very people it should be winning over. bbc news, on the turkey-syria border.
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>> well, for more on efforts to arm elements of the theory in opposition, i spoke a short time ago to someone from the u.s. institute for peace. do you agree with this eases, that by not helping the assault against president assad, the coalition is potentially undermining the more moderate rebels? >> i do. i think we are asking these modern rebels to join us in our campaign against the regime, but we have not been willing to commit to provide the kind of support they have asked us for for many, many years to advance their efforts to bring about the overthrow of assad regime, and as long as they question the commitment of the united states to support for political change in syria, it will be very, very difficult for them to shift their focus and provide the kind of contribution that we are asking for in our campaign against isis. >> and do you think there is, during your discussions with people in washington, at the white house, to get a sense that
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there is a recognition that actually assad has to be taken on, as well? that the rebels have to be held in their campaign? >> i think that is far from the thinking of the u.s. administration. with respect to the campaign against isis. in my view, the administration continues to view syria as a second order of a priority and their efforts to take them down and degrade isis, and the main focus of the effort is still iraq, and the syrian campaign is intended to undermine their logistic and command capacity, but not much more than that, and i think the syrian rebels see this, and i think that is another reason why they have been so critical of our campaign. >> there is also a sort of misperception in the west that when we get involved with these kind of coalitions, -- is there a risk of what that report was suggesting, of a backlash by the syrian people against them? >> a popular reaction to this
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effort depends very much on whether it is linked to a broader strategy that includes a focus on political change inside of syria, and resolving the syrian conflict, and as long as the syrian's perceived that they are being ignored, that their suffering is being ignored while the u.s. focuses on isis, then i think their criticism of the effort is going to be quite pronounced, but it is not a given. either for support or opposition. i think it depends on how we structure our effort. >> and just to clarify, there have been questions here in washington about whether there is such a thing as a moderate syrian opposition. is there? >> there is, and i think it has been very interesting to see how the focus on the isis campaign in syria has elevated the profile of some of the groups we have been working with for a long time. it confirms that there are those in syria who would like to work with us, but we are not making
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it easy for them to do so. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> you are watching bbc world news america. and george washington in the pacific. training now for any possible confrontation in the region. and pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong are accusing the police of brutality following the most violent days since rallies began two weeks ago. a video of policeman beating a demonstrator was posted online. we report now from hong kong, and this report contains flash photography. >> hong kong' is pro-democracy protests have once again turned ugly. clearedt, the police the student protesters with they had been tearing up concrete slabs to form a new barricade.
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aresome, the attitudes hardening on both sides, and in the middle of the chaos, local tv footage have shared this pro-democracy activist being picked up by the police and taken to a quiet corner and given a prolonged beating. the authorities have promised to investigate. calm had been restored, and the main protest camp pitched across and eight-lane highway was still in tact, as was a sense of idealism from those demanding hong kong grant them greater democracy. on the one hand, these protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful. on the other hand, they are causing serious disruption, and no one doubts the difficult job the police of faith in what is now a very divided city, but once again, allegations of brutality and heavy handedness have done absolutely nothing to do you escalate this crisis. latest scenes will
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raise concerns in beijing, the anger,of the protesters' and chinese soldiers watch on. bbc news, hong kong. >> with all of the crises facing the world at the moment, president obama's asian pivot has been overshadowed. growing confidence is obvious, and washington and beijing are suspicious of each other's motivations in the region. the biggest live fire exercise held in years just off the coast of long. the uss george washington was one of the ships taking part, and our correspondent went aboard.
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>> the uss george washington is a huge ship, but from here, it hardly looks big enough to land on. and now on final approach, onboard the uss george washington, the nuclear powered aircraft carrier. we will go from about 150 miles an hour in about two seconds. it may be a big ship, but with 60 planes on board, it is extremely crowded and very dangerous. on deck, it is a delicate situation of man and machine. the quickest ecru can fire a plane off this deck every 30
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seconds. just seen a 11 aircraft launched, and now we are watching a 11 more back on board. this is an extraordinary site. and only the usa can do this. this is about practicing. in august, this chinese fighter jet intercepted a u.s. surveillance plane in international airspace over the south china sea. repeatedly buzzing the plane and closing within 30 feet. area, twoin the same chinese and u.s. ships came close to colliding. china says this see is its territory, and it wants other navies and air forces to keep out.
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that is not something the u.s. navy is about to accept. >> when we talk about our capabilities, our capabilities to operate in a generally unrestricted way in the waters of our choice, some countries have increasingly complex anti-access weapons. our procedureste to continue to operate in an unfettered manner. words, china's ambitions to dominate this region will not go unchallenged. the u.s. navy will continue to sail its carriers through the east and south china seas. bbc news, onboard the uss george washington. the south china sea. now, let's go to afghanistan, where the new first lady says she welcomes what comes with being a public figure. the lebanese mother of two is expected to have a much more
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public profile than her predecessors. women'sis to make empowerment in the country a top priority. she spoke to the bbc during her first broadcast interview since her husband's inauguration last month. >> even when her husband was campaigning, she was the only presidential candidate spouse to appear in public with her man. she is the palace, center stage, and for the first time, i am back in my country to meet the woman whose main aim is empowering others. >> i see myself much more as a facilitator. i would like to give women out there the courage and the possibility to do something about improving their life. >> so what would you like to have achieved by the time you leave? >> if i have achieved a higher
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respect for women and for their role in society, i will be happy. >> just days into her new role, she says her vision will not upset the social structure of afghan life. >> i think in afghanistan, united, are still quite and the social fabric is still there, despite years of civil war. i think it is a big plus. >> this first lady is also unusual, being lebanese. were students together in beirut in the 1970's when they fell in love. it was theintained man she wanted to mary, her family was reluctant, so her father traveled to afghanistan to meet his family and give his blessing. >> how did you convince them? what did you tell them? >> it was a very conscious
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decision. and it was the right decision, given that we are still together. we are working together. >> whether she will be doing more for children or helping afghans rely less on aid, she is up against some highly conservative versions of society. for the next three months, she will be in a listening mode. if these first few days are anything to judge by, then afghans and women in particular can expect to have a much more visible champion in the presidential palace than they have been used to. abc news, kabul. the women ofhelp afghanistan. a quick reminder of our top rate. the second nurse in dallas as tested positive for evil after treating a liberian man who died from the virus. in response, president obama held an emergency meeting at the
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white house today. he said that while the likelihood of a widespread ebola out break in the united states is very, very low, he stressed the virus must be monitored in a much, much more aggressive way, and he said helped teams must respond to future cases within 24 hours and that health care workers must protect. i am katty kay. for all of us from "bbc world news america," thanks for watching. do join us tomorrow. >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, kovler foundation, beijing tourism, and union bank. ♪ ♪
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>> tradition, history, culture, discover the best memories of your life. ♪ >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. ♪
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: a second dallas hospital nurse, one who took a commercial airline flight one day before diagnosis has ebola. good evening, i'm judy woodruff. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. also ahead this wednesday, more volatility on wall street as stocks take yet another dive. we interview the obama administration's point men on the economy on the declining deficit and american skepticism. >> woodruff: plus, the previously untold story of the secret victims of long-abandoned chemical weapons during the iraq war, american soldiers. >> ifill: those are just some of


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